I love *my* beautiful body

I love my beautiful body.  Not because I’m built like Jennifer Aniston (I’m not).  Not because I wear a size 2 jean (I sure don’t).  Not even because I can step out with model-worthy hair and makeup everytime I’m in public (yeah, that’s a negative here too.  Though I do give myself props for avoiding sweatpants and rollers in my hair in such circumstances! hehe).

I love my beautiful body because it’s mine.  It belongs to no one but me.  It has helped me out quite a bit, running when I’ve felt like running, lifting and throwing hay bales, healing itself from attacks like colds and the occasional flu-like bought.  It has also endured quite a bit, not only managing the above with success but also sticking with me and putting up with what I throw at it during tougher stages in my life, such as the abuse I put it through these past two years while back at University. 

And it’s because I love this body of mine that I chose to treat it with the care it deserves once again.  A little less than great is the fact that I’ve got some work to do before my body consistently feels the love I’m sending it’s way, by getting adequate sleep each night, feeding it whole, nutritious foods and moving it as God intended it to be moved.  And because there is work to do, it’s important to keep things in perspective.

Be forgiving.  It took your whole life to create your body as it currently is at this moment.  It’s going to take time to make some changes.

–Cameron Diaz, The Body Book

It won’t happen overnight that my body feels more loved than it does despised.  I’ll have to rein myself in a little too, and remain realistic.

Setting yourself up for success is setting yourself up the right way… There’s a reason you start school in kindergarten and not in the twelfth grade.

–Diaz, The Body Book

So I will remain committed.  Little steps every day equate to big changes in the longer term.  And I love my body, so this is all worth it!


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