I realized something this morning. I’ve always been one to narrate… in my head to myself, something – I love to tell a story.

But over time those stories have changed. As a child I told my stories from a third person standpoint with myself is central character.  Today I tell the stories first person.  Always a story of my life, I find that in my story I’ve now put myself in the driver seat. When I was a child things used to happen to me in my story. Now things happen in the world and I make choices with what to do with them. If I am not careful, I’ll automatically make some unconscious decision, but I’m still in my story and still have to deal with the results – good or bad, I face the consequences. When in control of my story and when I’m making conscious decisions, results are usually to my benefit.

So what will I choose today? I think I’ll write some happiness into my story. I won’t just tell the story. I’ll write it.


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