Ever wonder what would happen if people would just stop, stay still, and be quiet for a while? If we log off the computer, put down the cell phone, and turn off that TV, what’s left?

Stopping allows us to get a break, a breather, from the pressing issues currently occupying our time. Staying still allows us time to re-assess the situation, and re-align our work in the direction in which we originally intended to go. Staying quite during this time allows us to think. Not think what we’ve been told, or think what we think some other person/body/organization/etc wants us to think. But think the way our HEART wants us to think.

How long has it been since we’ve asked ourselves what our heart truly wants out of our life? A “bucket list” of sights to see and places to visit might be fun, but when you’re lying on your death bed, what is it you’ll wish you would have done with your life? People have been pondering the purpose of life since the beginning of time. But I don’t think his, hers, or your purpose really has anything to do with mine. I believe the purpose of life is individualized to each and every one of us. “Nobody’s perfect.” “One person can’t do it all.” These are ‘universal truths’ we hear and accept continuously. But imagine how different the world would be if we spent less time worrying about other people’s business and got about the business of determining our own purpose in life – that thing that we ourselves, and nobody else, has been given to accomplish in life. If each of us put our whole heart and soul into accomplishing that work, whatever it is, to the best of our abilities. I think this would make for a beautiful world, and a beautiful life for all of us. By doing my own work and you doing yours, I don’t have to worry about what I’m not meant to do, because you or someone else is performing it perfectly already, and vice versa.

But I can’t go about deciding what my own life is for if I spend all my time listening to others. Because their thoughts, opinions, actions, and voices will undoubtedly influence what my over-burdened mind will begin to think. But it I turn it all off, let go of other people’s thoughts, and simply listen to my own heart, that’s where my own truths and answers lie.

Ever wonder what would happen if people would just stop, stay still, and be quiet for awhile? Magic.


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