Remembering what is


Weird isn’t it? I seem to know just who I am, what I stand for, and Who to believe in.

And then I encounter a change in circumstances. And it seems as though what I knew before about myself and about life no longer applies. What others are saying suddenly becomes believable… a fact, even.

But I am still me. And I soon realize that the lessons life has taught me so far stand for perfect evidence that I am still trustworthy. I am still worthy. The things that “were” important to me still are. God is still in control.

I just need to remember to relax and enjoy the ride. Cast out any thought demons that want to creep into my mind. And listen. Listen to that voice within ME that I can trust. I don’t have to listen to the world. The world isn’t me, and I’m not the world. This is me, doing life on my own terms. This is contentment.

Though circumstances may have changed, reality has not. And for that I am thankful.