Wanderings… The Beginning


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Why is it the brain struggles to function (mine at least) without writing out thoughts?  Much like I find I forget to complete a task without scribbling in my planner, I often fail to complete a thought or even figure out what that thought even is without finding an opportunity to write it.  It is because of an enormous amount of thoughts that have been flowing through my mind lately that I have elected to re-ignite my desire to “blog.”  Though I do not do so at this time to write with an intent to reach an audience, I would be ever so grateful if you would join me on my journey.  The address for this blog, Elle détient la clé, is French for “She holds the key,” the title of this blog.  It’s a concept I strive to live by and have since half way through my high school education: that we each hold the key to our own happiness.  No matter what we’ve been through, no matter what someone said about us, we can decide, right now, to be happy.  I initially wanted the blog’s address to reflect this title in something easily discernible, I found that someone else already had taken my first choice and instead translated it to French (French always sounds fancy anyway, hehe).

Though I greatly prefer a pen and paper for most things (evidenced by many failed attempts to use my Smart Phone to keep a calendar), for writing thoughts I much prefer to type.  My pen never seems to keep up with my mind, and through typing I seem to be much more capable of capturing the majority of the things I wish to write.  I also have a particular attachment to the feel of the keys under my fingers as they elegantly ‘tick’ away at the keyboard in front of me.  The sound produced from this, as well, elicits a pleasurable tone to my ear. :0)

In response to this video, I found myself contemplating what I felt my true calling in life is.  Not so far as my life from beginning to end, nor even my God-given purpose for the next decade, but now.  Right now.  Today.  The immediate future. That’s easy, was my first thought.  No need to journal this, because it’s pretty obvious: my calling right now is to complete my bachelor’s degree.  But in the moments immediately after, I wondered, Right?  That’s what it is?  Then the floodgates began to open, and much like Tara proposed in her video, I found myself realizing there are other purposes of my immediate journey.  As Tara said, ‘callings’ are “particular ways to bring light and love into the world.”  By completing my bachelor’s degree, I will be afforded the ability to bring light and love into the way I make a living each day, using my true passions and talents.  But completing that degree is still two years away. 

So what is happening in the meantime?  What is my calling each day?  First and foremost, I fell called to love:

John 13:34-35
A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Love takes on many forms.  For me, today, it involves showing love and compassion to those I am interacting with.  That means showing my family the respect and honor they deserve, focusing on what I love about them, and not the things that test my patience.  It means being honored by the fact that my long-time boyfriend (“man toy” as one friend kidded… hehe) still calls daily, and showing him love by being fully present in each conversation, picturing the man I love rather than the things I could be or “should be” doing in place of chatting on the phone. [I have never been much of a fan of the telephone, but for him I’ll make the acceptation!)  Sharing this love and compassion also means taking care of my four-legged charges (three horses, two dogs, and a cat, to be specific) to the best of my abilities within my alloted resources and thanking God for entrusting their care to me.  And taking the time to truly enjoy them, whether it be scratching the chin of my purring cat, or hugging the horses around the neck, breathing in deeply the scent that always seems to let all my worries just melt away.  Interestingly, this also means showing love to myself, by making certain I respect and properly care for the body I have been blessed with, feeding it healthy foods, getting adequate sleep, and making time for a little laughter each day.

Though it seemed pretty cut-and-dry at first, with a little probing, my true calling for the here and now has become quite a bit clearer for me.  Should anyone stumble upon this post and be so inclined to share their callings with me below, I’d be honored!


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